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Theresa Marie Villanova, the author of a soon-to-be-released book, will take you on her personal journey of childhood neglect, life with an alcoholic parent, childhood sexual assault, and a 24-year marriage that ended with domestic violence and divorce. The heartfelt reason why Theresa Marie wrote this book is to help victims of abuse understand why we make the choices we do and why we keep repeating patterns that end in heartache and/or continued abuse. It's not your fault! You will be encouraged and validated as you read about how Theresa Marie not only survived emotional, mental, and physical abuse but thrived in the face of it to become an advocate and author for victims of abuse and domestic violence. She's walked this emotional journey, both personally and professionally. This book shares raw and profound stories, life lessons, and insights with you, the victim of abuse and domestic violence, in mind.



You may feel you are walking alone on your journey through life and abuse

 but this book will help you will realize



Rising Beyond Abuse will keep you engaged with firsthand accounts of Theresa Marie's life. She shares stories with you of her lowest and darkest fear-filled moments, and her ability to find courage and hope despite crippling depression, feelings of unworthiness, and a physical injury she suffered from domestic violence. Her core of spiritual strength in a higher power, God, helped her rise above and beyond any abuse inflicted upon her by a lifetime of manipulators and oppressors. In this book, you will discover your own strengths while being awakened to the power you hold within yourself—that which has been with you all along! 


The journey of awakening your own inner core thinking starts with reading about Theresa Marie’s experiences and wisdom, along with factual information from data, other experts in the field and links to their websites, quotes, and profound questions for you to ponder to help you gain new insight toward finding your own inner truth so you can step out of abusive relationships. 

You will also find ... 

·    Solid answers to help you get out of abuse safely

·    Enlightenment and knowledge

·    Renewed confidence

·    Inner strength

·    Encouragement 

·    Hope in God or a Higher Power and knowing you are never and were never alone

·    Reasons to rise above and beyond abuse, and into the truth of your authentic self!



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