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Author ~ Theresa Marie Villanova


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On the pages of this blog, you will discover helpful information about overcoming the emotional grip of abuse associated with unworthiness, childhood trauma, domestic violence, narcissism, emotional neglect, healing the child within and leaving  a violent situation with a plan while keeping safety in mind. Most importantly, you will learn how to overcome and get out of the cycle-of-abuse mindset in which you may find yourself trapped. 

Whether you're experiencing the emotional fallout from abuse such as PTSD, anxiety, or depression, you will come to a deeper understanding and awareness of transforming your adult thinking while healing the inner child within.







Theresa Marie Villanova

If you or someone you know has experienced domestic violence, sexual or emotional abuse, narcissist control, childhood neglect, and feel caught in patterns of dysfunctional thinking, then this book and blog are for you. 

Theresa Marie Villanova is a first-time author and survivor of abuse, domestic violence, emotional neglect, and childhood trauma. Her book, Rising Beyond Abuse, is a teaching memoir. Her book chronicles her accounts of childhood trauma, sexual assault, life with an alcoholic parent, and her marriage as a young woman to an abusive alcoholic husband that ended in domestic violence and divorce. Theresa Marie writes smoothly and articulately, keeping the reader engaged as she transitions from telling detailed stories about her life into talking about her career as a victims advocate for people who’ve suffered domestic violence and other crimes. She intricately weaves in practical and up-to-date information for healing from the past while helping you transform and become  your true and powerful authentic self.  


Rising Beyond Abuse is filled with solid knowledge, data, and other experts in the field including links to their websites to further your understanding of abuse and how and why someone innocently ends up in abusive situations as well as the reasons why people stay in abusive relationships. You will find practical advice about domestic violence advocacy programs, alternative therapy options, and spirituality for help in releasing the past. You'll develop a new awareness of how letting go of old beliefs while embracing healthier thought patterns will create a lighter and brighter future as you move through your journey of life. 


This book is a must-have for victims—both men and women—therapists, social workers, and anyone who wants to learn how to rise beyond abuse.

This incredibly impactful book by Theresa Villanova can transform and literally save the life of someone who is in an abusive relationship or experiencing domestic violence. With a hefty dose of compassion and solid knowledge regarding the reality of what goes on in the minds of those involved with narcissists and abusers, she shares her own horrific experiences that drove her to realize she needed to take action and protect herself from future abuse.  It wasn’t until she was away from the toxicity and danger of abuse that she understood the mindset behind why she stayed in harm’s way for so long, and in detail, she will educate and guide you to your own safety with helpful tools, resources and encouragement.  She is now happily living free in her independent life, and as her title states, she has risen beyond abuse and is now thriving while advocating against domestic violence. She continues to help both men and women find their way out of abuse and back to themselves. This book will enlighten and inspire you to break free from the chains of domestic violence and encourage you to become whole again. She makes it clear that we need to make a choice to stand up for ourselves and move on from neglect and mistreatment.  If we don’t, she states that the abusers “will smother your inner light; that uniqueness of you that is meant for your advancement in life.” As someone who was in a long-term toxic relationship myself, I related to every word she said and each bit of new information presented. For this reason, I implore those of you reading this book to heed the advice given. You will never look back and never allow yourself to ignore red flags again. And for those of you in danger now, she gives you ways to safely leave your relationship quickly with resources to help you in the back of the book. If this review is resonating with you, buy the book now…don’t wait! You CAN rise above and beyond abuse! 


~ Gloria Carpenter, Empowerment Coach and Best-Selling Author of Power Up Your Dreams! Moving From Self-Defeat to Self-Belief   

Rising Beyond Abuse is more than just a memoir of Theresa Villanova’s accounts of childhood neglect, growing up with an alcoholic parent and domestic violence in her marriage. Her advice is fresh, relevant, and solid as she draws the reader in with honest and real accounts of personal experiences of childhood trauma’s, sexual assault, and a domestic violence injury in her marriage. Which changed the trajectory of her life as she sought professional help from a domestic violence advocacy program. Who later employed her.


She has transfigured her experiences into resources to help the reader in their healing as they break free from the cycle of abuse. She has created a map for those struggling with similar issues. She empowers the reader to choose their path for healing.


This book is different from others of similar topic and therapists and others in the field of advocacy could confidently recommend it to their clients. It’s well researched, written with compassion and understanding of the abused, and contains helpful charts and questions throughout for the reader to ponder and further self-reflect for recovery from abuse.

~ Patricia Wood, LMHC - Licensed Mental Health Counselor, CASAC - Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Certified EMDR Trained Counselor, Certified Trauma Therapist with ITTA - International Trauma Therapist Association.


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Author Bio


Theresa Marie Villanova is a first-time author, a survivor of childhood trauma, domestic violence, and long-term emotional abuse. Her book, Rising Beyond Abuse, is a teaching memoir of her accounts of childhood traumas, life with an alcoholic parent, and her marriage as a young woman to an emotionally abusive, alcoholic husband that ended in domestic violence and divorce.

She will walk you through her own journey as she struggled with feelings of unworthiness, low self-esteem, chronic depression, c-PTSD, and lack of support—all the while never giving up on herself, her dreams, and her ability to find answers. She was determined to not just survive but to thrive. 

Theresa Marie has worked professionally as an advocate for victims of domestic violence, abuse, and other crimes as well as being the liaison between the domestic violence/abuse program and Child Protective Services. She has worked alongside law enforcement and the judicial system, and as the advocate for the local child advocacy program. She continues to assist and aid victims of abuse where she can.


Theresa Marie, has been a mighty force in advocating for 9/11 first responder compensation benefits, helping to close a loophole and pushing to get legislation written, passed, and signed by New York Governor Kathy Hochul. (S.9370/A.9922A)


She has also fought tirelessly and succeeded in making changes to the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision system for the health and safety of individuals in the prison system along with changing protocol for visitors with health issues. She’s stood up in alignment with members of Congress and has made positive changes for the betterment of humanity and society as a whole. 

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